What Are Boarding Schools: All You Need to Know and Consider

Is boarding school fun? If you are weighing various options for your child’s schooling, you may be torn between boarding schools and day schooling. Unfortunately, the reviews on various platforms are not objective enough to base your decision on with reviewers holding mixed feelings toward boarding schools.

This article will tackle various aspects of boarding school to help you determine if boarding school is a worthy experience for your kid.

What is a boarding school?

Boarding schools are school setups where students reside within school premises in the course of their study. Besides residing within school premises, boarders also get meals from the school and often share most facilities with their peers.

Also, boarders do not leave school until the end of an academic year, unless an emergency necessitates them to leave the institution.

How much is boarding school?

The cost of boarding schools may vary depending on the services provided, tuition fees, and quality of facilities and meals of an institution. The range of boarding school prices is $9000 to $90,000 per year. 

What is boarding school like

Your experience with boarding schools may vary depending on the school you attend. Military and religious boarding schools tend to be stricter than their private and public counterparts. 

However, the interaction with friends and access to a wide range of facilities makes boarding schools a worthy option to consider. Also, the routine allows you to focus on study and thus secure decent scores. 

For a great experience, we recommend that you enroll in a club or a sport. This will allow you to make use of your free time while undertaking an activity that pleases you and also to participate in tournaments and events. 

Although many people assume that boarding schools necessitate uniforms, some schools allow for your preferred apparel. Also, the freedom in boarding high schools serves as a precursor to campus, helping students adapt to college life both off and on campus. 

Why do kids go to boarding school?

What is a boarding school for? Although students may feel as though boarding is a way for parents to get rid of them, there are a ton of benefits to attending boarding school. 

First, boarding schools allow students to develop self-reliance by removing students from the comfort and luxury they are afforded at home. When in boarding, students handle their laundry and make independent decisions, therefore, learning how to look after themselves.

Since boarding brings many students together, it provides a chance for learners to socialize with their peers and appreciate cultural diversity by interacting with peers from diverse cultures. Also, students learn to collaborate with their peers in the study and other activities thus developing their capacity to function properly in a team.

The structured life in boarding school also helps students to adapt and stick to a routine. This routine provides a balance for various aspects of a student’s life ensuring the all-around development of a learner. 

Is boarding school bad?

Although boarding school is a great experience for your child, it also bears its fair share of cons. For instance, interaction with peers in a closed environment may pose a risk of peer pressure and coercion into negative behaviors.

Also, the boarding school setting poses a major risk for bullying and self-isolation among kids who are not comfortable around crowds. Students who are leaving home for the first time may be overwhelmed by the separation from their guardians and experience homesickness among various adjustment issues.

Boarding school also brings a challenge for students to transition from the guidance of guardians, bringing about confusion in various decisions. 

Final take

We hope that this article has answered any questions you had regarding boarding school. If you happen to get stuck with your academics as you transition to college, consider reaching out to our experts for assistance.

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