How to Not Be Lazy in School & Become Effective in Studying

We’ve all experienced lethargic moments where we couldn’t bring ourselves to study regardless of our intentions. Although this feeling usually wears off in a short duration, it may linger for days and weeks, upsetting your study routine.

What can you do if you feel too lazy to study for days on end? Read on to discover some reasons why you feel unmotivated to study and tips on how to not be lazy in school.

Why am I so lazy to study 

Like all problems, it is key to troubleshoot the reason why you are too lazy to do homework to adopt mechanisms that work against these reasons. The most common reasons why students feel unmotivated to study include:

  1. Lack of goals

If you have nothing to work toward, the bare minimum efforts for study may appear satisfactory for you. However, goals give you purpose and guide you on various plans to realize your goals. 

  1. Doing too much too often

Study often feels unrewarding due to the lack of visual returns following your study efforts. Also, poor study habits may expose you to excess pressure leading to mental exhaustion. 

This exhaustion, in turn, impairs your capacity to focus on your study, driving you into the vicious cycle of procrastination. 

  1. Stress

School often presents multiple tasks to attend to, risking high levels of stress which promote poor habits. For instance, piling too many assignments and failure to study in time may become a burden later on in your term, impairing your capacity to study. 

As an act of defeatism, you may opt not to study as you have come to the harsh realization that it’s too late to take any meaningful action. 

  1. Inappropriate learning styles

Another reason you could feel bored studying is using incompatible learning styles. For instance, if you are a visual learner, you may derive little or no motivation from a long session of reading notes. 

Ideally, identify your learning style and engagingly design each study session. 

How to overcome laziness while studying

Having discussed some of the reasons you feel unmotivated to study, let’s look at some tips on how to study when you don’t want to. 

  1. Don’t wait for inspiration

Your homework is not a piece of art. And even if it was, motivation is likely to stem from efforts to jot something on your canvas. As such, you should start your studies with a five-minute session to get your mental cogs turning.

Also, commit to your schedule and hold yourself accountable when you fail to adhere to tasks within your schedule. 

  1. Visualize the end product

Ideally, set goals for each subject and develop a plan to realize these goals. When you feel unmotivated, check your goals and remind yourself why the struggle you are putting in today is beneficial for your future.

Also, remind yourself of the consequences of not studying to gain a drive toward overcoming the urge to forfeit your assignments.

  1. Establish a reward system

The delayed gratification of studying may often cause you to feel dispirited since the effort you are investing seems pointless in the short term. For this, plan incremental rewards for each milestone described in your goal plan. 

This will associate each action with a positive stimulus of the reward, serving as motivation for your study.

  1. Embrace group study

At times, holding yourself accountable may prove challenging. Also, tough concepts within your study may cause you to despair and motivate procrastination.

Group study develops a sense of accountability and also brings together various capacities, allowing you to manage various challenging concepts and assignments with ease. 

  1. Adopt an engaging learning style

The key tip on how to stop being lazy in school is to make your study engaging. Before settling for any learning style, try various methods and tests to determine your most effective study approach.

Also, identify your most productive time of study and schedule your revision and homework sessions for this time. 

  1. Start with something easy

Starting your session with a hard task when you are feeling unmotivated is a sure-fire way to drain your enthusiasm toward the study. Ideally, start with what you did in the previous session to test your comprehension.

The ability to respond to these questions will serve as an impetus to kickstart your study session, helping dispel the feeling that you are incapable of handling a given subject.

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