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Financial Donations

If you would like to donate to my campaign, here is my information:

Jameshowardforschoolboard or James Howard, 1213 N Sherman Ave, P.O. Box #111, Madison, WI 53704.

All the Kids all the Time

I am running for School Board because I care about the success of our children. I want our schools to be even better. I strongly believe that in order for our community to be successful we need to support “All the Kids all the Time.” At the same time, I understand the importance of maintaining fiscal responsibility to taxpayers. As an economist with over 35 years of experience I know it is critical to analyze and evaluate the economic impact of decisions.

I believe my broad and diverse experience as an economist, a husband and father of three, and an active community member will continue to be a valuable asset to the board. I have the knowledge, experience, and concern for children needed to make the important decisions that must be made to move our district forward. I continue to be excited to serve on the School Board, and I ask for your support!

  • High expectations for all students
  • Raise educational standards
  • Narrow the achievement gap
  • Base School curriculum, wellness and safety decisions on research
  • Continue to serve our high needs and high achieving students
  • Ensure fiscal responsibility to taxpayers
  • Improve communication between teachers, parents, district administrators and the community
"All the Kids all the Time"
"All the Kids all the Time"
"All the Kids all the Time"
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"All the Kids all the Time"
"All the Kids all the Time"
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"All the Kids all the Time"

James Howard’s Public Service Record

  • Current President of the Madison Metropolitan School District
  • Member of Town of Madison Economic Development Committee
  • Past President of the South Madison Economic Development Committee
  • MMSD Strategic Planning Committee Member
  • East Attendance Area Demographics and Long Range Facility Needs Task Force Member, 2005
  • Community and Schools Together (CAST) school referendum support group, Co-Chair
  • South Madison Economic Development Committee, Past President
  • Town of Madison Economic Development Committee Member
  • Currently Federal legislative Chair Wisconsin Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Q&A With James Howard

Q: How can the MMSD address the achievement gap?

JH: The best way for the district to address this is by increased involvement in schools by minority parents. Research shows that when parents are involved in their child’s education, educational achievement increases substantially. Secondly, more minority role models in schools such as teachers would help.

Q: What can the board do to address the MMSD's financial woes?

JH: The board has already endorsed the state finance reform approaches of the Wisconsin Alliance for Excellent Schools (WAES). The board is limited in its ability to address these issues because of the board’s mandate. Supporting and endorsing others ideas is a sound approach for the BOE.

Q: What can you continue to bring to the MMSD School Board?

JH: My knowledge in the area of Macroeconomics would be an asset to the board especially during these tough economic times. My communication and people skills will allow me to work with the board, administration, and community in a highly efficient manner. My ability to work well with groups will allow for a smooth transition to the board. My unique perspective would be of asset to the board, something no other candidate has.